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Pursuant to the provisions of the Entgelttranspa­renzgesetz (EntgTranspG – Pay Transparency Act), a separate remuneration report must be drawn up as of calendar year 2018. This report, to be created for the first time, includes a 12-monthly reporting period and refers to 2016.

Respect, tolerance and equality are an obligation for PUMA. Since 2005, we have followed the PUMA Code of Conduct and the Diversity Charter since 2010. The Charter was introduced in order to ensure a fair working environment at PUMA in which all employees have the same opportunities, regardless of nationality, origin, religion, ideology, age, gender or sexual orientation.

The ratio of female to male employees (gender ratio) in the PUMA Group is approximately 47:53 female to male and has remained stable in recent years. In 2016, the proportion of women at all management levels worldwide was 38%. Although this number has increased in comparison to the previous year, we are striving to continue to increase the proportion of women in management positions, in particular in upper management positions, across the globe. To achieve this, at Group level we have committed to a female ratio of 20% or 30% for both management levels under management. These targets were slightly exceeded by the end of June 2017. PUMA would like to support the development of women in management positions on a continuous basis. For this reason, we offer special training courses and access to interesting networks. Contact and communication with experienced female management should encourage female employees and motivate them to take on management positions within PUMA Group.

In 2016, PUMA was granted the career and family audit certificate after successfully passing the audits. It also emphasizes that we already offer a large number of measures for mothers and fathers to be able to arrange their professional and private lives even more simply. Due to more flexible working hours and mobile work, employees can work flexibly in terms of location and, after consultation with superiors, can also work from home. Furthermore, we offer kindergarten and crèche facilities, a parent-child office and an external service provider to support childcare and care for relatives in addition to a children’s vacation program for employees’ children.

As a further measure to support male and female equality, both as part of our training for management on the subject of personnel selection and in the training of labor law for management, the General Equality Act (Allgemeine Gleichbehandlungsgesetz – AGG) and any possible violations is discussed. Furthermore, we are in constant dialog with PUMA SE employee representatives on this subject.

PUMA SE is bound by a collective agreement. Classification into individual collective agreement groups takes place on a gender-neutral basis founded on the collective wage agreement. In 2017, discussions were held with the works council in order to ensure that no pay discrimination takes place due to gender.

The total number of PUMA SE employees in 2016 amounted to 1,063 employees (509 women and 554 men), 920 of which were full-time employees (381 women and 539 men) and 143 part-time employees (128 women and 15 men).