In the following explanation of the regional distribution of sales, the sales are allocated to the customer’s actual region (“customer site”). It is divided into three geographic regions (EMEA, America and Asia/Pacific). A more detailed regional presentation of the sales according to the registered office of the respective Group company can be found in chapter 26 in the Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements.

PUMA's net sales increased in the reporting currency, the Euro, by 18.4% in the financial year 2019. This corresponds to a currency-adjusted sales growth of 16.7% compared to the previous year. All regions contributed to this development with double-digit growth.

In the EMEA region, sales rose in the reporting currency, the Euro, by 11.2% to € 2,001.4 million (currency-adjusted +11.2%). As a result, the EMEA region exceeded the 2 billion Euro sales mark for the first time. Particularly strong growth came from Germany, Italy and Spain, which recorded sales growth in the double digits. Russia, Ukraine and Turkey also developed very well with double-digit growth rates. The EMEA region accounted for 38.7% of Group sales compared to 36.4% in the previous year.

With regards to product divisions, sales revenue from footwear recorded currency-adjusted growth of 8.6%. Sales from apparel increased by 14.8% currency-adjusted and sales from accessories grew by 10.6% currency-adjusted.

G.10 EMEA Sales (€ million)

In the Americas region, sales increased in the reporting currency, the Euro, by 20.6% to € 1,944.0 million. Currency-adjusted sales increased by 17.9%. Both North America and Latin America contributed with double-digit growth rates to the increase in sales. While North America recorded positive currency exchange effects, the weakness of the Argentine Peso compared to the Euro, however, resulted in a noticeably negative currency exchange effect on the sales in the reporting currency (Euro). The share of the Americas region in Group sales increased slightly from 34.7% in the previous year to 35.3% in 2019.

With regards to product divisions, both footwear (currency-adjusted +19.2%) and apparel (currency-adjusted +21.5%) recorded excellent sales growth compared to the previous year. Accessories sales were up by 8.8% currency-adjusted.