G.01 Target compensation Structure

Basic Compensation

The members of the Management Board receive a fixed basic salary which is paid monthly. This salary is based on the duties and responsibilities of the member of the Management Board. For employment periods of less than twelve months in a calendar year, all compensation payments are paid on a prorated basis.

Fringe Benefits

In addition, the Management Board members receive in-kind compensation, such as use of company cars, accident insurance and D&O insurance. These are part of the non-performance-based compensation.

Company Pension

Pension benefits are available for the members of the Management Board in the form of deferred compensation paid out of the performance-based and/or the non-performance-based compensation, and for which the Company has taken out pension liability insurance. The proportion of the pension capital that is already financed through contributions to the pension liability insurance is deemed to be vested.

Performance-based Compensation

In addition to the non-performance-based compensation, the members of the Management Board receive performance-based and therefore variable compensation. The amount of this compensation is based on the attainment of previously defined financial and non-financial targets. It consists of a bonus and a component with a long-term incentive effect. In the event of any outstanding performance, the Supervisory Board may, at its discretion, grant the members of the Management Board a voluntary one-off payment.

G.02 STI-Plan
G.04 LTI-Plan

* The value of one Monetary Unit is equal to the Ø share price over the last 30 trading days before the beginning of the blocking period respectively 30 trading days before next quarterly report.