During the financial year 2019, PIT purchased from 131 independent suppliers (previous year: 152) in 32 countries worldwide. The strategic cooperation with long-term partners remained to be one of the key competitive advantages in 2019 to ensure stable sourcing of a significantly increased sourcing volume, in particular in the apparel division.

Asia remains the strongest sourcing region overall with 95% of the total volume, followed by EMEA with 3% (thereof Europe with 1.5% and Africa with 1.5%) and the Americas with 2%.

As a result, the six most important sourcing countries (93% of the total volume) are all located on the Asian continent. Once more, Vietnam was the strongest production country with a total of 33%. China followed at 25%. Bangladesh, which focuses on apparel, is in third place at 15%. Bangladesh thus continued to increase its share of the sourcing volume by two percentage points compared to 2019. Cambodia was in fourth place at 13%. Indonesia, which focuses on footwear production, produces 4% of the total volume and is in fifth place. India is in sixth place at 3%.

Rising wage costs and macroeconomic influences, such as changes in the trade environment due to tariffs, have continued to influence sourcing markets in 2019. Such impacts need to be taken into account in allocating the production. This is a significant component of our sourcing strategy to ensure secure and competitive sourcing of products and, furthermore, to successfully manage the increasing sourcing volumes due to the positive business development.

G.01 Sourcing regions of PUMA (in %)