The PUMA Share

The PUMA share also had a very positive performance in 2018. The share started into the year at a price of € 363.00 and moved in the following twelve months in a range between € 317.00 (February 13, 2018 / -12.7%) and € 525.00 (June 5, 2018 / +44.6%). At the end of the year (December 28, 2018), the PUMA share was trading at € 427.00, 17.6% above the closing price of the previous year. Market capitalization rose accordingly from € 5.4 billion to € 6.4 billion at the end of 2018. 

The PUMA share was included in the MDAX in June 2018, after the free float ­increased from just under 13% to 55% due to the reduction in Kering’s shareholding and, as a result, the trading volume of the PUMA share also ­increased significantly. The average daily trading volume increased from 6,689 shares in the previous year to an average of 44,386 shares in 2018. ­

Compared to the MDAX, which fell by 17.6% in 2018, the PUMA share developed significantly better, gaining 17.6%.

The PUMA share has been registered for the regulated market on German stock exchanges since 1986. It is listed in the Prime Standard Segment and the Mid-Cap Index MDAX of the German Stock ­Exchange [Deutsche Börse]. ­Moreover, membership in the ­FTSE4Good index was once again confirmed.