In 2018, we pushed our digital frontiers faster and further. In our mission to ­become the fastest sports brand in the world, we are striving to offer digital solutions that respond to our employees’ needs and offer potential candidates a state-of-the-art digital journey.

Furthermore, we aim to simplify and align our HR processes worldwide, aiming to set up the infrastructure we need to enable future growth.

PUMA’s new career page:
Offering a state-of-the-art digital candidate experience

In 2018, we relaunched our corporate website with an extensive career section at its heart. Focusing on candidates’ needs, the new career section enables finding relevant open positions fast, while giving deep insight into PUMA’s unique corporate culture. Through our location and team pages, candidates can get a first glimpse of their potential future workplace and learn more about teams and responsibilities.

We have put our focus on creating a seamless candidate experience that ­allows candidates to intuitively navigate between the different platforms, ­including the corporate sections of the website, review channels, and the job search function.

Workday: Simplifying worldwide HR processes

We continue to simplify and accelerate business processes through digitalization. After introducing WORKDAY, one of the world’s leading human capital ­management system in 2017, we rolled out this system to include other ­modules such as “talent and performance,” “time & absence management,” and “learning”.

Having implemented WORKDAY in all our locations, we now have a worldwide solution for recording work time, vacation, and other absences. Employee ­profiles and organizational charts can also be consulted in a few clicks.

WORKDAY also makes life easier for our employees, offering them an easy-to-use platform on which they can track their working time, manage their ­absences, recruit or apply for open positions, and track their performance ­and pay.

PUMA LEARNING PLAZA: Making learning instantly accessible

Digital learning is not the next big thing – at PUMA it is the big thing right now. We have enriched our learning catalogue with a wide offer of online courses, accessible according to our employees’ needs: Anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Our learning platform PUMA LEARNING PLAZA is available to all PUMA ­employees and managers worldwide.

We have developed and designed customized PUMA trainings, such as the ­onboarding eLearning training “Inside PUMA,” which offers valuable insight into the company, our product creation cycle, and brand strategy.

For our E-learning course “PUMA Talent Development Talk,” we received the “eLearning Award 2019.” This content supports our managers worldwide, while, at the same time, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the topic of talent development talks, ensuring they are prepared to speak to their team members.

In addition, employees can access selected business booklets, articles, and TED videos. We also offer our employees free access to the interactive learning platform