Are you intrigued to find out what FOREVER.FASTER. is all about? Our Chief Brand Officer Adam Petrick will tell you all about it in just five minutes.

We are:

PUMA’s Brand Mantra „Forever Faster“

It’s our Mantra, the code by which we live. It rallies us, inspires us to keep pushing and drives our endless pursuit to wake everyday and be better than we were yesterday. To understand FOREVER.FASTER, we need to go back to the beginning.

It all started with a cat – the symbol of our brand. The puma’s qualities inspired Rudolf Dassler when he founded our company back in 1948:

These attributes became the foundation of our brand. For over 75 years we’ve drawn on them in our efforts to push sports and culture forward.


Forever is the goosebumps you get when you’re witnessing Bolt make history (and the goosebumps you’ll get when you see re-runs in years to come). It’s the sheer joy of watching Maradona’s audacious skill in the 1986 World Cup. It’s the warm nostalgia you feel unboxing your original Clyde reissues.

We’ve been at the forefront of sports history from the earliest days of our industry. We are a brand with heritage, legacy and authenticity.

Our story is rich with icons and legends. They inform the style and reputation of our brand today and inspire us to support the next generation of history makers.

Sport is more than the game, it’s the entire culture surrounding it. From fan worship to its influence on street trends, we thrive on the active role we play in culture.


It doesn't see limits,
it doesn't stand on ceremony and it never waits to be asked.

Faster is how we play, instinctively and from the heart.


Through tireless product innovation, experimentation and initiatives we enable generations of athletes to fulfil their potential.


We express our difference through design and believe that sport products should look as good as they perform – our designs today are the icons of tomorrow.