products made of more sustainable materials
recycled polyester for apparel and accessories
LWG Certified leather
close to
preferred cotton and viscose


Target description:

  • 90% of PUMA Apparel and Accessories products contain >50% more sustainable materials
  • 90% of our Footwear contains at least one more sustainable component
  • Increase use of recycled polyester (Apparel and Accessories) to 75% by 2025
Relates to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12


  • Percentage of Apparel and Accessories with 50% more sustainable material
  • Percentage of Footwear with at least one more sustainable component
  • Percentage of recycled polyester used in Apparel and Accessories

The PUMA Environmental Profit and Loss Account (EP&L) attributes more than 50% of our environmental impact to material and raw material production. Against this background, we have decided to prioritize the large-scale use of more sustainable raw materials. In our 10FOR25 strategy, we have set 100% targets for more sustainable raw materials such as cotton, polyester, leather and cardboard.

In addition to measuring the use of more sustainable materials, we also determine the percentage of more sustainable products, that is, products made with a significant proportion of more sustainable materials. As defined in our PUMA Sustainability Index, or S-Index, more sustainable apparel or accessories products contain at least 50% more sustainable materials by weight. For footwear, we currently measure sustainability by including one or more main components* made from more sustainable materials.

During 2021 we developed and rolled out an E-Learning toolkit on more sustainable products and our PUMA S-Index for the PUMA family. The training allows designers, developers and product managers to understand which materials qualify as more sustainable, how the PUMA S-Index is calculated, and which certifications need to be in place to externally communicate on a product level. The training was completed by over 1,300 PUMA colleagues in the last two years.

*Main component in the upper includes visible upper and its components, linings, sockliner and strobel as the only non-visible component. They can be made of textile, leather, synthetic (PU) or TPU. It excludes trims such us eyelets, laces, counters, decorations, etc. Main component in the bottom includes outsoles, midsoles and insoles. They can be made of Rubber, PU, TPU, EVA. It excludes trims and decorations.