Our people

Only see great

Effective communication and prioritizing the health and wellbeing of our employees were the main pillars of our People & Organization strategy in 2021, as we moved into the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic. We monitored the global development of the COVID-19 pandemic, communicated transparently, and took the right actions to keep our employees safe and healthy, minimizing the financial impact, while ensuring our business continued to operate effectively.

At the same time we lived up to the values of our brand campaign “Only See Great” by preparing our company for future growth. To achieve this, we need dedicated and creative employees, and to endorse our diverse and inclusive work environment. This fosters agile thinking, creativity and interaction. By putting our employees at the center of everything we do, we are committed to promoting their professional and personal development and helping them maintain a good work-life balance.

Compensation & Benefits

The attractive performance-based compensation system at PUMA includes a fixed base salary, the PUMA bonus system, profit-sharing programs and various social benefits and intangible benefits. We also offer long-term incentive programs for the senior management level that honors the sustainable development and performance of the business. The bonus system is transparent and globally standardized. Incentives are exclusively linked to company goals.

Our goal is to ensure a transparent and fair compensation structure. Therefore, we have been implementing a more specific, unified salary banding structure around the world and have reassessed our roles.

In addition, we also started a cooperation with the Fair Wage Network. It means we can access benchmarks for all our subsidiaries and analyze them in terms of living wages as defined by the Fair Wage Network. For 2021 we can confirm with regards to the Living Wage Adjusted Mean benchmark as defined by the Fair Wage Network that all our employees are earning a living wage or above.


In 2021 the focus was again on simplifying, accelerating, and harmonizing business processes worldwide and on further digitalization. Since 2017 we have been using the “Workday” software solution for a lot of our HR processes. This provides employees and managers with the necessary processes and tools to carry out day-to-day HR management. In addition, user-friendly dashboards also provide managers with the information and data-driven insights they need for planning and controlling. The analysis of our centralized global data provides a sound basis for strategic decisions and measurable results. Digital signatures and chatbots contributed to further digitalization and optimization of key processes worldwide.


Thanks to our employees around the world, we were able to continue our engagement with local communities. Due to local regulations resulting in the reduction of social contacts as well as social distancing, they often had to find new ways of engaging, but despite this they were still able to conduct a wide range of projects.

Here are some examples:

PUMA´s North America Headquarter partnered with The Wonderfund, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting children engaged with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF), to refurbish family visiting rooms at DCF’s Metro North location. Our employees put furniture together, hung artwork and assembled toys in six meeting rooms and three conference rooms.

For the Cultiva Reforestation project, our employees in Chile worked with the Cultiva Foundation to help reforest Cerro Renca and planted 316 trees to give something back to the environment. PUMA Vietnam successfully organized the delivery of Christmas gifts for orphans hit by Covid at Tan Binh’s Children House. PUMA’s China team spent a week of community engagement at the Nanling Primary School in Lancang County, Yunnan Province. PUMA employees brought the children PUMA products, uniforms, writing utensils, and most importantly, the spirit of sport. Our PUMA China management team attended along with other volunteers.

Our goal for community engagement was to reach a total number of hours that multiplies by 1.5 our average FTE (Full Time Equivalent) per year. On an online platform, we encouraged all our employees around the world to participate in projects and employee engagement. In total, initiatives led by our subsidiaries on five continents contributed a total of 39,320 hours (2,582 for PUMA SE) of community engagement. Projects ranged from protecting the environment, promoting health and fitness and fighting discrimination, to supporting education for children in need. Often these projects were done in collaboration with local non-profit organizations. Considering that the number of FTEs in 2021 was 14,846 (1,083 for PUMA SE), we far exceeded our target.


Charity Cat e.V., founded by PUMA employees in 2004, continued to support various projects in Germany and across the globe. Unfortunately, the global COVID-19 pandemic had the worst impact on those who already have very little. Generous donations from PUMA and individual supporters allowed our non-profit organization Charity Cat to support those in need, both financially and with the donations.
An example:

Charity Cat partners, among others with “von Herz zu Herz e.V.”, which is active in remote areas of the island of Samar in the Philippines. These reported on the devastating impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on the small village of Lucerdoni. With Charity Cat’s continued financial support, “von Herz zu Herz e.V.” was able to supply food for poor villagers, begin to build new houses for two families and work on bringing internet access to the community by supplying three computers.

On the other side of the world, in the rural mountainous area of Bambamarca in Peru, “Asociación José Dammert Bellido” was able to complete an operating theatre at a local clinic thanks to Charity Cat’s financial support. Previously locals had to drive for five hours to the next city, which often meant help came too late in the case of an emergency. The project in Peru is supported by Charity Cat’s partner, “Förderkreis Cajamarca e.V”.

In Germany Charity Cat donated to “Lauf gegen Krebs” in Erlangen, an initiative raising funds for cancer research and treatment. The group also supported a sports fundraiser for the “Elterninitiative krebskranker Kinder” that helps families of children with cancer. In Berlin Charity Cat continued to help finance a youth center and the “Straßenkinder e.V.” organization, which makes sure that children living on the streets – and those in danger of landing on the streets – have a place to turn to, stay healthy and keep up with their education.

Learn more about Charity Cat e.V., get to know its members and its many projects and initiatives at www.charity-cat.de.