PUMA Life Cycle

Our People*

Our PUMA Family is the key to our success. Our people strategy is the foundation of PUMA’s unique work environment and corporate culture, which helps us attract the world’s best talent and shapes the future success of the company. Our people strategy is centred on three main pillars: People First, Sustainable People Practices and Digitalisation.

People First means understanding employees' needs, values, and potential of our employees and putting them at the centre of our decision making. That helps us create an inclusive culture that respects diversity, promotes health and well-being, and encourages personal and professional growth.

Sustainable people practices create a workplace culture that prioritises employee health and happiness, diversity, and inclusivity, and offers ample opportunities for career growth. Our sustainable people practices are central to building a resilient organisation. By thinking ahead and equipping our employees with the future skills and leadership qualities necessary, we ensure the long-term success of PUMA.

Digital tools in Human Resources improve work experience and help us stay competitive and agile in the fast-changing business landscape. By using digital technology, we are improving efficiency, data-driven decision-making, candidate and employee experiences. We deploy easy-to-use digital tools that enhance collaboration and productivity and offer digital literacy programs to ensure all employees are equipped to thrive in a digital environment.

Putting the human element first ensures that our pursuit of environmental and technological excellence is responsible and rewarding. The result is a sustainable future where innovation and well-being go hand in hand.

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