PUMAs Forever. Better. Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability remains an integral part of the strategic priorities for PUMA under the leadership of our CEO Arne Freundt and our CSO Anne-Laure Descours.

Our FOREVER. BETTER. Sustainability Strategy is based on our 10FOR25 targets, which were introduced in 2019 following an extensive materiality analysis and stakeholder dialogue. In 2023, we updated our materiality analysis in preparation for our new target cycle until 2030. The results confirm that the areas of Human Rights, Circularity, and Climate Action (including Biodiversity) were ranked as a high priority.

Until the end of our 10FOR25 targets period, we will still report on the 10 target areas to improve our sustainability performance: Human Rights, Climate Action, Circularity, Products, Water and Air, Biodiversity, Plastics and the Oceans, Chemicals, Health & Safety as well as Fair Income.

For each of these target areas, which reference the related United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), we have defined a minimum of three concrete targets, as well as key performance indicators to follow the progress we have made.

With our FOREVER. BETTER. Sustainability Strategy, we continue our path to fully integrate sustainability into all our core business functions. Sustainability targets are part of the bonus arrangements for every member of our global leadership team, from the CEO to Team Heads.

PUMAs Code of Conduct and our vendor compliance programme, which were introduced more than 20 years ago, are still the basis for any contractual relationship with manufacturers globally and remain the foundation of our responsible sourcing strategy and programme. We revised the Code in 2023 and will publish the new version in 2024.